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Ηaáls [a:áls] is a compound word that combines the words “Hellas” [ˈhɛləs], the birthplace of the idea behind the brand, and the ancient Greek word “ἅλς” [ háls ] which means salt, an ingredient of major importance, a source of life for humanity that makes our moments more savoury.


Our main source of inspiration is the Mediterranean and its natural colours, which can be found in abundance in the virgin coasts and landscapes that surround it. Viewed through a more romantic, nostalgic lens, these are also colours that reflect the touch of the earth, the breeze of the sea, the sustainability of nature, the vastness of the sky, the sun that drenches the water in gold and the saltiness that coats protectively our every moment, keeping them eternal in time. Eternal, like the quality that remains consistent in the passage of time.


Ηaáls is a Premium Resort wear brand, created in its entirety in Greece by the hands of experienced craftsmen. All our creations are designed by our own in-house team and draw inspiration from the timeless style of the 50s and the aesthetic of  minimal lines, adapted to the spirit of today. Our goal is to utilise and showcase every feminine aspect of the contemporary woman.

HAÁLS Showroom

Pericleous 63, Chalandri, Athens Greece, PO 15232

email: [email protected]

T: +30 210 6837805