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Inspired by the vibrant hues and serene landscapes of the Mediterranean, capturing their unique color palette that evokes the essence of summer. The bright yellow color of lemons is transformed into a charming pastel version. The protagonist of this collection is the majestic Viennese straw pattern, awakening memories of past decades and evoking seaside destinations. For the SS24 collection, this distinctive pattern adorns some of our iconic swimsuit silhouettes and matching resort-ready clothing.


“Observe the World”


It was summer that made her confined to her journal, confined the sunshine reflections of her waves, the secret laughs that sounded under the dawn, this limitless sense of freedom during the sunset. She wrote about her wishes under the falling stars, about the hundred thousand ships that crossed her peaceful aura, about the season of refreshing ideas and collection of memories.

Keep this journal, it might be hers it might be yours, reflect on everything that makes summer such a unique time of the year, it is the summer journal she said and then her waves washed it away to the coast. It is your time to reveal.

Each day is an endlessly changing horizon, it is a different sun, and it is a unique experience you can encounter. Make each day a new story, a story of art.

Summer Journal:
Each day a unique story

AW 21/22

The AW 21/22 collection came about in exactly the same way the earth gives birth to marble [ancient Greek: “marmaros”, meaning “luminous stone”]. Simple materials, found in abundance in our planet – until they all become part of the eternal marble.
Stark lines, natural colors, different textures drawn from the bowels of the Mediterranean, they all come together and form our own “Marble”, one that shines resplendent with the energy of a million years past, creating a myth.


Our main source of inspiration is the Mediterranean and its natural colours, which can be found in abundance in the virgin coasts and landscapes that surround it.

Viewed through a more romantic, nostalgic lens, these are also colours that reflect the touch of the earth, the breeze of the sea, the sustainability of nature, the vastness of the sky, the sun that drenches the water in gold and the saltiness that coats protectively our every moment, keeping them eternal in time.

Eternal, like the quality that remains consistent in the passage of time.